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June Kidd

Author and Silva Ambassador


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About June Kidd

“A fantastic book by an author who walks the talk."

Ken Coscia. International Silva Method Training Director


June had left the pace and excitement of working in and around New York to be married in New Orleans before moving with her husband, a physician, to Saudi Arabia. She was to spend the next ten years there, savoring the exotic Middle Eastern culture, living, working and enjoying the company of people from all over the world and co-founding the first school for children with Down’s syndrome in Saudi Arabia. June also travelled extensively to Europe, China, Australia, America and the Caribbean.
​It was during a home visit to England that she first began an intensive study of ‘Imagination, Meditation, and Mental Discipline’, eventually becoming an advanced graduate of and an ambassador for The Silva Method
​June’s decision to take this course was to transform and enhance her life, particularly as a writer, freeing her from a lifelong handicap with dyslexia. Using the Silva Method, she learned to spell virtually overnight at the age of forty and also developed a heightened ‘Spiritual Sensitivity. Touch typing at a meditative level, mentally crossing timelines and lifetimes, fascinated by the changing scenes and circumstances viewed in her Minds Eye, she wrote: "1663 Unshriven 1963," which, published as a novel, later proved to be traceable 17th century English family history!
What an adventure! And it is all true and provable! How amazing and what fun! (Clues to locating the actual area are in the book!)

Even for those who still have not taken the Silva program, “Manifesting with Silva” opens a door to a world of infinite possibilities for their success….." 

Diana & Richard Oulahan, Washington. D.C.


When teaching the Silva Method, students often ask;  “Tell me how using the Silva Method, helped you, so that I can understand how it can help me.”  June, I show them your book, Manifesting with Silva. If there was only one word to describe it,  I would say; inspirational!

Karin Barnes, Silva Instructor, U.K.



“Manifesting with Silva, Beyond Imagination"

For me, seemingly random (but almost magical) events drew me to the path of the Siva Method: When the student is ready, the teacher appears!”  I was  the right time and I was ready to take control of my butterfly mind!

This mental discipline was vital because the quality of life in all aspects depends on the quality of ones thinking. Even so, I could never have imagined what amazing experiences and adventures were to open up to me. 

Remember the Universal Law of Attraction; Like attracts Like and make yourself smile!

Smiles are positive and attract positive, successful and happy company!


If at any time you need an inspirational boost; something to give you that extra mental energy, then open; “Manifesting with Silva, Beyond Imagination!” and read just some of my amazing achievements. Nothing succeeds like success and I am delighted to share the following examples that will excite you and keep you motivated


When I faced drowning under a boat in a lock filling with tons of turbulent water, I instantly went into, “Silva Mode,” (Alpha/Theta) took control of my mind, stayed calm and saved my life!


When faced with a night drive through unfamiliar countryside after nearly two days with hardly any sleep, I went into “Silva Mode,” and then drove for three hours, wide awake!


When I needed an amount of money quickly, urgently, I went into “Silva Mode” and the exact amount I needed came to me.


 When I felt that I had all the symptoms of cancer, I went into “Silva Mode” then open a book at random and read; “Don’t think you have cancer because you have visited the ward!”


When, in “Silva Mode” I, (dyslexic) mentally saw the reason for my inability to spell, I learned to spell virtually overnight!  (The power of the mind is enormous!!)


When I wrenched my back and it was absolutely vital that I helped sail the boat, I instantly went into “Silva Mode,” told my body what I needed and expected of it - and I actually felt the muscles in my lower back, relax back into position!


When, meditating at Alpha/theta level, I wrote my first book, “Unshriven,” I had no idea that it would later prove to be 17th century fact, lived out in a tiny hamlet near Stratford-upon-Avon!

This is an example of the Silva Method crossing lifetimes and timelines; a fantastic experience that opens all kinds of questions about dimensions in time and space! Using the Silva method, I have changed my thinking and attracted in to my life the most amazing experiences that have been above and beyond my expectations!  Have fun!

Paperback from £8.00 and eBook £6.00 from Kindle and Kobo

“The Rising Dough of Spirit and You, the Human Magnet”

            YOU ARE A MAGNET.




Quote:  Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent itself will not; nothing is more common that the unsuccessful person with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination together are omnipotent.    Anon.


This book contains over 40 motivational presentations for your in-depth consideration.


 The Plastic nature of Reality.

This parasite called Fear.

What is Karma?

As above – so below.

Bullying and the “red cancel” button.

Your time, centre stage.

Health and stress.

Through the eyes of a child.

Check your idea of logic.

Crisis time; over population.

The “Oneness…..”

Jesus: The second coming.


To use the “Universal Law of Attraction,” you have first to understand how it works. I became a graduate of the Silva Method in 1986 and went on to take advanced courses that profoundly changed my thinking and so changed my life, for the better! I use the ‘self empowering’ method, in every aspect of my life and I’ve become, amongst other things, a writer! Quite an achievement for someone with dyslexia who didn’t get the hang of spelling for almost 40 years!

Paperbacks from £8.00 and eBooks £6.00 from Kindle and Kobo

Pruning of the Vine

Pruning of the Vine, is a period piece set in the early 1960s when turning 40, meant Middle Aged and Over the Hill  - for women (!)  and predatory men,  spotting vulnerability, turned on the charm! This book is gleaned from a lifetime of anecdotes and shared confidences, "Strictly entre-nous, darling!"


"Perfect for a lockdown read"


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