"June is an exceptional writer..."

Viktória Gy. Duda

"June is an extraordinary woman, with rare talents"

Beverley Angel


The Pruning of the Vine

This is June's first novel, based on a lifetime of observation and experience!


June Kidd

Author and Silva Ambassador


June had left the pace and excitement of working in and around New York to be married in New Orleans before moving with her husband, a physician, to Saudi Arabia. She was to spend the next ten years there, savoring the exotic Middle Eastern culture, living, working and enjoying the company of people from all over the world and co-founding the first school for children with Down’s Syndrome in Saudi Arabia. June also traveled extensively to Europe, China, Australia, America and the Caribbean.

It was during a home visit to England that she first began an intensive study of ‘Imagination, Meditation, and Mental Discipline’, eventually becoming an advanced graduate of and an ambassador for The Silva Method.

June’s decision to take this course was to transform and enhance her life, particularly as a writer, freeing her from a lifelong handicap with dyslexia, learning to spell virtually overnight at the age of forty and developing a heightened ‘Spiritual Sensitivity’ that allowed her to write Unshriven, her first published book.

June also writes and gives talks to various associations including Dyspla-(dyslexic), The Silva Organisation, Science of the Mind and the Theosophical Society.


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The Pruning of the Vine

This is June's first novel, based on a lifetime of observation!

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Actor, Susan Hampshire

"Very impressed! It is a wonderful rich portrait... Page turning reading. All that Phyll is going through is very compelling and perfectly developed."

Karen (Jones) Savage Script Supervisor; 

Downton Abby, The Crown, Shackleton and Endeavour

"June is able to capture a range of characters in minute detail. Her scene setting is gripping and the build up of tension, brilliant! Her observations are both funny and sad and the highs

and lows of Phyll’s journey is a real page turner."

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"Loved your book...Couldn't put it down. Must read it again"

Mary Barber

Unshriven is a true tale, of winter nights, mystery, 17th century history, a small hamlet, ghosts, a herbalist accused of witchcraft, lowly cottages and manor houses, deep snow, roaring log fires and unrequited love reaching across 300 years to expose a tragic miscarriage of justice before, finally, a blessing over a small unmarked headstone.


"Very inspiring.

Made me want to go and revisit my

training of the Silva Method"


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From money to instant healing, from heightened intuition to a creativity that had been beyond imagination, enjoy the magic of manifesting the Silva way!

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If you want a better life, you need a strong mind, and you need to be in charge of it!. The quality of the life you are now living is as easy to change and as easy to manipulate as soft plastic. The difference is that you mould it with your mind, not with your hands. There is one universal law: 'Like Attracts Like', and nothing is exempt from it.


"We seldom do anything to the best of our ability, we do the best of our willingness, yet using the Silva Method, all  that success requires in any area of your life - is your attention!"

June kidd

Siva Ambassador

Manifesting with Silva Beyond Imagination is based on June's experiences using the Silva Techniques. The book, full of success stories, is written with great fluency and imagination on how the author has been able to apply Silva Techniques to different situations.


Its a great little book if you want to know more about the Silva Method and its a great book if you are already a Silva graduate.


This is a great gift for someone you love, give the gift of LEARNING. ENJOY IT

June Kidd Interview
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Spontaneously written and never revised, my poetry was a form of therapy when life was very 'challenging.' I share with you to show that no matter how bleak the situation, if you keep your feet on the ground and your eyes on the stars - and trust, you will eventually come to the surface and life will become easy again. Promise! June Kidd

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June is available for speaker engagements

June Kidd talks about 'attitude of mind' based on the Silva Method and has addressed meetings at various venues and to a variety of groups, including:

  • Business & Professional Women Assoc. U.K.

  • Business & Professional Women Ass. New York. U.S.

  • Theosophical H.Q. London and Bournemouth University

  • Silva Method H.Q. London

  • Science of Mind. H.Q. Bournemouth

  • Dyslexia Ass. (DYSPLY) Guest speaker. Covent Garden.  London

  • Royal College of Surgeons. London



You Can't Stop the Waves But You Can Learn to Surf. 

(So fake it 'til you make it. Pretend 'til you mend)



“True prosperity means not having to worry about your survival”



"True peace of mind means not worrying!"



The Universe Within - Mirroring the Universe Without



Learning to be happy!



Metaphysical Adventures. UFO crop circles - help from the universe.



Our Mission on Earth?



The Plastic Nature of Reality



Free the Magic in Your Mind



Writing a book and getting it published? Let's do this thing!


Bournemouth Society of Art, Philosophy & Theosophy


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