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Author and Silva Ambassador


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About June

June had left the pace and excitement of working in and around New York to be married in New Orleans before moving with her husband, a physician, to Saudi Arabia. She was to spend the next ten years there, savoring the exotic Middle Eastern culture, living, working and enjoying the company of people from all over the world and co-founding the first school for children with Down’s syndrome in Saudi Arabia. June also travelled extensively to Europe, China, Australia, America and the Caribbean.
​It was during a home visit to England that she first began an intensive study of ‘Imagination, Meditation, and Mental Discipline’, eventually becoming an advanced graduate of and an ambassador for The Silva Method
​June’s decision to take this course was to transform and enhance her life, particularly as a writer, freeing her from a lifelong handicap with dyslexia. Using the Silva Method, she learned to spell virtually overnight at the age of forty and also developed a heightened ‘Spiritual Sensitivity. Touch typing at a meditative level, mentally crossing timelines and lifetimes, fascinated by the changing scenes and circumstances viewed in her Minds Eye, she wrote: "1663 Unshriven 1963," which, published as a novel, later proved to be traceable 17th century English family history!
What an adventure! And it is all true and provable! How amazing and what fun! (Clues to locating the actual area are in the book!)


“A fantastic book by an author who walks the talk."

Ken Coscia. International Silva Method Training Director


Even for those who still have not taken the Silva program, “Manifesting with Silva” opens a door to a world of infinite possibilities for their success….." 

Diana & Richard Oulahan, Washington. D.C.

When teaching the Silva Method, students often ask;  “Tell me how using the Silva Method, helped you, so that I can understand how it can help me.”  June, I show them your book, Manifesting with Silva. If there was only one word to describe it,  I would say; inspirational!

Karin Barnes, Silva Instructor, U.K.


News Update

Self-help Book Price Reduction

The Rising Dough Of Spirit And You, The Human Magnet & Manifesting With Silva Beyond Imagination

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If reading the daily, hope-stripping ‘news' is sapping your will to live, stop reading or listening to it! Put the break on! That decision alone will give you the mental space and time to take back control of your thoughts and your out-of-control imagination, and start to have a life worth living! Better still, a life worthy of who you really are, and what you are capable of!

Because of these very stressful times, and as my direct practical contribution to help, inspire, instruct and keep you motivated with examples from some of the finest minds, I have reduced the price of both of these online self-help books.


Ebooks - £2.99 Paperback from Lulu - £6.99

The many examples of successes and achievements of turning threatened disaster into powerful triumphs, are highlighted in these two books, proving time and again that the quality of life you are leading right now is as easy to change and manipulate as soft dough! The difference is that you manipulate the desired outcome, with the inspired power of your focussed mind, and not with your hands. So watch your thoughts closely, be calm in your thinking, and exact in your aims:

DESIRE = You really earnestly want this with every fiber of your being.
BELIEF = You know this can come about because of the logic of the Silva teaching of self-empowerment plus your own experiences as a Silva graduate and now by reading the success of others who use this very technique:
EXPECTATION = This is the hardest but most powerful energy to keep focused on.

I liken it to crossing a border called Expectation! You will be mentally vetted and frisked for doubt – but you are your own investigator! To pass and gain the rewards you have to feel the surging energy of totally committed belief - and this is when the vast majority fail to manifest their dreams. They subconsciously rehearse failure as a cushion against the pain of disappointment. Now, operating the “Universal Law of Like Attracting Like”, ask yourself, what results are they likely to manifest?

So, let’s get motivated! Reclaim your belief in yourself, talk about things that energise you, feel the power, claim your success, seek the company of happy people, enjoy doing it, and have fun!

Better and better!

Pruning of the Vine

Pruning of the Vine, is a period piece set in the early sixties, when turning 40, meant Middle Aged and Over the Hill  - for women! This book is gleaned from a lifetime of anecdotes and shared confidences, "Strictly entre-nous, darling!"

"Perfect for a lockdown read"


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Quotes from The Rising Dough of Spirit.

To meet today’s personal and world challenges it is vital that we understand how our very thoughts create the building blocks for the quality of life on this planet. As Jesus said: “Whatever I do, you can do, and more...”
This is so, it is science and it is the Law of the Universe; Like attracts Like!
The book, The Secret, gives example after example, backed up by science, demonstrating the power of the mind to attract to it what it is focussing on!

This book provides some guidelines. 'The Second Coming’ of another Saviour, predicted in the bible is a fact and long overdue - but get used to the idea - you are it!.  It’s D.I.Y. time folks!


Written as fiction this tale proves to be true! Photographs in the book show that fact is indeed stranger than fiction.

A story crossing 300 years. Written at meditation level, I assumed it to be fiction until I returned to the U.K., and following a mini da Vinci type trail; fiction became documented fact!

In the book, I have used the old names of places where the events took place but with a little research, everything can be traced. Photographs of actual places and people are in the book.

"...is wondrous and lovely..."


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"...its a great book..."


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From money to instant healing, from heightened intuition to creativity that had been beyond imagination, enjoy the magic of manifesting the Silva way!

Translated into Spanish and Turkish

Crossing life-times and time-lines, this amazing story is taken from the full version of Unshriven

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"We seldom do anything to the best of our ability, we do the best of our willingness, yet using the Silva Method, all  that success requires in any area of your life - is your attention!"

June Kidd
Silva Ambassador

Spontaneously written and never revised, my poetry was a form of therapy when life was very 'challenging.' I share with you to show that no matter how bleak the situation, if you keep your feet on the ground and your eyes on the stars - and trust, you will eventually come to the surface and life will become easy again. Promise! June Kidd

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June Kidd talks about 'attitude of mind' based on the Silva Method and has addressed meetings at various venues and to a variety of groups, including:

  • Business & Professional Women Assoc. U.K.

  • Business & Professional Women Ass. New York. U.S.

  • Theosophical H.Q. London and Bournemouth University

  • Silva Method H.Q. London

  • Science of Mind. H.Q. Bournemouth

  • Dyslexia Ass. (DYSPLY) Guest speaker. Covent Garden.  London

  • Royal College of Surgeons. London