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Pruning of the Vine

Pruning of the Vine, is a period piece set in the early sixties, when turning 40, meant Middle Aged and Over the Hill  - for women! This book is gleaned from a lifetime of anecdotes and shared confidences, "Strictly entre-nous, darling!"

Dedicated to Phyll; a lovely lady

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Seeing her potential; a talented actress, looks, brains, and inherited money, Patric was 30 when he charmed and married 18-year-old Phyll Fielding. From then on he directed her life, thrived on the kudos, and lived on her earnings and her inheritance. Twenty-five years later, in 1964; Patric is in California with his new, young, well-connected American wife and by crafty maneuverings, has separated Phyll from her bank accounts! Now over 40, Phyll is alone, broke, and naive as she steps into the tidal wave of the Swinging Sixties, Women’s Rights, and Women’s Liberation - but she has to learn fast! Predatory men turn on the charm just as Patric did, and vulnerable and lonely she mistakes "You are lovely" for "I love you" and lust for love……Pruning of the Vine is a period piece set in the early sixties when turning 40, meant ’Middle Aged’ and ‘Over the Hill’  - for women! This is a story of a woman’s right of passage in a changing world and the right to take charge of her life and prove herself to herself! This is a story of survival and amazing love!

Actor, Susan Hampshire

"Very impressed! It is a wonderfully rich portrait... Page turning reading. All that Phyll is going through is very compelling and perfectly developed.

You have such a feeling for the period and everything is so true to that society in the book. "

Karen (Jones) Savage Script Supervisor; 

Downton Abby, The Crown, Shackleton, and Endeavour

"June is able to capture a range of characters in minute detail. Her scene setting is gripping and the build-up of tension is brilliant! Her observations are both funny and sad and the highs

and lows of Phyll’s journey is a real page-turner."

"Perfect for a lockdown read"

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