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Written as fiction this tale proves to be true! Photographs in the book show that fact is indeed stranger than fiction.

The philosopher Goethe wrote: Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it!”This could be a quote by Jose Silva, founder of The Silva Method; Working for the betterment of Humankind. When I, (following an unbelievable link of circumstances that steered me from Saudi Arabia to London) became a graduate of The Silva Method, I had no idea of the mind-expanding, life-enhancing stage of life I was stepping into! Achieving goals just by the power of the focused mind, successes once beyond imagination; instant healing, mended relationships, intuition, life-saving, business, and creativity allowed me to overcome dyslexia and become a writer. The invitation from Silva is to explore the possibilities of your multi-dimensional mind……

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Quote: “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”.

My teacher was Jose Silva, and how I came to the Silva Method in London from Saudi Arabia, is in itself a fascinating series of coincidences documented in the book!

There followed four days of intensive training (putting me in charge of my own mind and imagination) training that would ultimately free me from a lifelong handicap of dyslexia.

Back in the Middle East I then wrote, Unshriven,   a story crossing 300 years. Written at meditation level, I assumed it to be fiction until I returned to the U.K., and following a mini da Vinci type trail; fiction became documented fact!

In the book, I have used the old names of places where the events took place but with a little research, everything can be traced. Photographs of actual places and people are in the book.

This Silva Method is far-reaching and phenomenal! After just four days of training, I went on to achieve things Beyond Imagination! See Manifesting With Silva

" wondrous and lovely..."

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