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Crossing life-times and time-lines, this amazing story is taken from the full version of Unshriven

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Originally written as fiction, later research through church archives and manorial records proved that the 17th-century events had actually taken place! Now the truth had to be told and I had to tell it!

In 2011, the Rev. John Beckett gave a blessing at the graveside of Hannah Myer. It was over – so I thought…

1663, Shakespeare country, Civil War, Cromwell’s men, Royalists hidden in the Manor, secret passageways, deep winter snows melting into spring. Accusations of plague by witchcraft and a love that could never cross the social divide. Now, soul-mates seek each other across time and space separated by a deathbed vow, “Never to go to my rest until the truth is told.”

Photographs are in the book.

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