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Presentation Talks by June Kidd

June Kidd talks about 'attitude of mind' based on the Silva Method and has addressed meetings at various venues and to a variety of groups, including:

  • Business & Professional Women Assoc. U.K.

  • Business & Professional Women Ass. New York. U.S.

  • Theosophical H.Q. London and Bournemouth University

  • Silva Method H.Q. London

  • Science of Mind. H.Q. Bournemouth

  • Dyslexia Ass. (DYSPLY) Guest speaker. Covent Garden.  London

  • Royal College of Surgeons. London

Talk One

Rising Dough of Spirit Oct21_cropped.jpg

You Can't Stop the Waves But You Can Learn to Surf. 

(So fake it 'til you make it. Pretend 'til you mend).

Isn't it time to dismantle and detox your mind and emotions, once and for all from this parasite called 'fear'?


This talk is based on one of fifty subjects in June's 'self-help' book: The Rising Dough of Spirit and You the Human Magnet

Talk Three

Candle in Hands

"True peace of mind means not worrying!"

To do this you have to develop a mind that can stay strong and focused on what you really want to do with your life and not allow out-of-control imagination, draining your energies or potential.

It is time to create and live a 'reality' worthy of who you really are (a powerful co-creator of the reality you live and the world you live in).

The Universal Mind assumes that what you are focusing on is what you want more of!  If the main focus of your attention is on anticipating and solving problems, (instead of putting your attention on the end result - a clear desk and time to relax) then you will keep attracting more problems to solve!

It is time to make use of the Universal Law of "like attracting like."

Talk Six

Image by Jongsun Lee

Metaphysical Adventures. UFO crop circles - help from the universe.

The message we are receiving is of a sincere desire to help, help that we have cried out for in our innermost minds as we watch the violation of all that makes life worth living on this beautiful planet.

Perhaps the Earth itself, like a huge plant, is sending out distress signals that are being heard throughout our universe...

Though the rule in the Universe is of' 'non-invasion', (invasion is a game we have perfected down here) we can access Universal guidance. (Scientists have so far calculated 22 different dimensions in space/time.) by working to free our minds of fear.

Help is being offered as we try to reconnect to our spiritual nature, reconnect with that inner 'all knowing' peace that we seem to recall from a long distant past.

The rest is up to us.  We have to take responsibility, we have to become masters of our fate! We have to strengthen the happiness factor!

For those of you who follow any religion, surely God wants his creation to be a happy one?

Talk Eight

Image by Courtney Cook

The Plastic Nature of Reality

The focus of your attention, what you believe,  is building brick by brick, the 'foundation' for the quality of the life you are living. Science/metaphysics.

Talk Ten

Image by Hannah Olinger

Writing a book and getting it published?

Let's do this thing!

This is a talk for writing groups.

How I wrote Unshriven (now being adapted for T.V.) and three other books - even though  I am dyslexic and didn't learn to spell until I was 40+

Relax, let it flow and forget writer's block.

Talk Two

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

“True prosperity means not having to worry about your survival.”

No matter how positively or how loud you repeat the words for prosperity if the little voice of doubt nagging away inside your head cannot be reassured then 'doubt' will be the message you are subliminally projecting.

Thank about that when you allow yourself a quiet moment...

Talk Four

Book 2.jpg

The Universe Within - Mirroring the Universe Without

This talk is based on the book, The Mundane to the Magnificent by Vera Stanley Alder, and also asks the question: ARE CROP CIRCLES THE LOGICAL LINK? as Science and Metaphysics come ever closer  (Scientists have calculated 22 different dimensions in space/time.)

Talk Five

Image by Zac Durant

Learning to be happy!

Learning to be happy. It's a habit!

Likened to a muscle in your body, the more you activate it, the stronger it becomes. You have a right to be happy and it is within your gift, your capabilities to make yourself happier, no matter what the circumstances.

Our automatic emotional responses create a groove in our thinking, rather like the groove in an old vinyl record. If we are constantly harping back to the defensive or negative or reliving old grievances then there is no real joy in our lives. The only difference between that same old joy draining groove and the grave is the depth! Because without quality, without happiness and without a strong mind, you can't honestly call your existence  'living?'

Isn't it time to put yourself back in the drivers seat and become a 'AAA' in freedom and confidence?  It's you life, your decision but the world needs more happy, positive energy.

Talk Seven

Image by veeterzy

Free the Magic in Your Mind

Let the joy and power flow - that is the message of the Universe!
We are meant to be happy!  It is time to stop playing victim!

Talk Nine

Image by Nong V

Our Mission on Earth?

Jesus and DIY

Jesus didn't endure suffering to get a fan club or start a new religion just so that we could dump all of the responsibility for the quality of our lives, on him - or God! We need the teachings of the Church - but it shouldn't stop there.  Get the messages - and do the work!   If you want a better world then keep your thoughts and actions, positive.

There is a Universal Law of Like attracting Like - and you are a magnet.....

The Christian religion teaches love and gentleness and kindness.  It teaches the Universal Law of Like attracting Like:  'Cast your bread upon the waters and it will come back ten fold,' i.e. in to-days words we say: 'What goes round, comers round.'   What you give out, you get back - one way or another! Start testing this and notice how true it is.

Jesus came here to explain how we could stop being victims, and live without fear!  We need to reexamine the teachings of Jesus because his message was a simple one!  Study the message, practice it - give love even where it is not returned - and start living without fear... It's all there in his teachings:

"Whatever I do, you can do...."  "Don't worry about tomorrow,  focus on what you want to happen and not on what you dread - and your strength of belief in The Message, will attract the good to you.

Simple! Have a go and start to contribute to a beautiful way of life....

However, to be able to consider the philosophy of His words as adults, we first have to know what the teaching are! That is why it is vital to have religious instruction from priests/clergy/vicar/R.E. teachers, in schools and in church.  We have to know the facts before we can put them into practice and who better (and highly) qualified than the clergy?

And if you go to church to attend the  service or to receive instruction - or even as a tourist, to admire the beauty of these ancient buildings, if don't put your money (whatever you can truly afford)on the plate - then how is the structure of the church going to be sustained and how are the clergy, who devote their time and energy to people in their parish, and have at least a three year university degree, going to be paid?

To know what Jesus accomplished and his teaching of self empowerment and self responsibility, we need only read the scriptures. This is why we need the highly motivated and educated clergy/teachers.

It doesn't matter if you think of Jesus as the son of God, or a Prophet, or a Messiah or someone from history who spoke good sense. ( If you believe that everything was made by and belongs to 'God', then we are all children of God, no matter what the title of your faith.).  What does matter is that we re-examine the actual meaning of Jesus words:

He actually said: "What ever I do you can do - and more".

  • Read his parables. See how the Universal Law of Like attracting Like, actually works.

  • Accept the fact that you are a co-creator of life on this planet. If you don't like it, do something about it!

  • Peacefully, lovingly, happily, powerfully.

  • Create a world of trust by trusting.

  • Create a world of love - by generating love from every fibre of your being.

  • Nobody said it would be easy but it's got to be better than allowing your expectations to lie in the pits, because you haven't got far to fall if things don't work out!

  • Come on! Get a Life you can be happy with - and proud of?

  • Strengthen your mind, take control and BE AWARE of your thought patterns.

  • It's time to take responsibility.

  • Oh, and what about starting a new habit: laughter? 'Cos you're going to need a lot of laughter to get you out of this one!

It's D.I.Y. time folks!

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