Desire: So you really like making bread; thoughts of breaking through the crisp golden crusts and friends, as always, being happy to share the food and praise your skill.

Perhaps you should go into business, in a small way, making specialist artisan bread.  Yes, what a way to earn a living! Your thoughts become focused, new ideas; a tingle of excitement, energy is building that stimulates imagination and is delivering creative possibilities…   Yes, you want this!

Belief: So you add flour to the yeast, then a little salt, kneading the dough with care while dreaming of a different future and work on a business plan; one good idea leading to another. You are a good and experimental bread maker. 

Could you actually make a living selling it? No big financial outlay, you could build up sales slowly - then move to bigger premises!  There is no real risk involved. You feel confident, a surge of energy powers through your whole body. Your imagination is on overdrive; you could do this! Wow, you haven’t felt this alive for years; you believe in yourself.

Expectation: The dough is ready and placing a cloth over the bowl, you leave it in a warm place to rise while the oven heats to the perfect temperature. Your creations are in progress and will, as always, be delicious. Going into business is a marvelous idea, why hadn’t you thought of it before. You will invite your friends, bake a variety of loaves and launch your idea with a few drinks to celebrate. Wonderful; you can hardly contain your excitement.

This is the first step, the start of a dream come true, you feel so energized - then just as you are about to put the risen dough in the oven someone phones and excited, you share your dream, only to be told, quite dismissively, that a shop has opened in the nearby town and already does this kind of thing.

And this is when, totally disillusioned, you take the cloth off the bowl of dough, dough that had so much potential, dough mixed with such hope – and let the air out with a knife as you scrape your dreams and expectations in to the bin of past failures!

The Universe, attracted by you excitement and self belief in your ability had just starting to bring into being what you as a co-creator, had designed….

You have once again lost focus; the key, the power of Expectation. Your expectation! The stimulating powerful energy of attraction, when you were absolutely driven by your belief in your own capabilities, suddenly evaporates and all because you stopped believing in your own ability; simple as that.

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