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Actor, Susan Hampshire

"Very impressed! It is a wonderful rich portrait... Page turning reading. All that Phyll is going through is very compelling and perfectly developed."

Karen (Jones) Savage Script Supervisor; 

Downton Abby, The Crown, Shackleton and Endeavour

"June is able to capture a range of characters in minute detail. Her scene setting is gripping and the build up of tension, brilliant! Her observations are both funny and sad and the highs

and lows of Phyll’s journey is a real page turner."


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"Pruning of the Vine is an enjoyable romantic romp through the 1960s with colourful characters that are warm and cleverly drawn.  It has good pace and attention to detail.  It draws a picture of the 1960s that many people will find familiar; a time when life was simpler somehow and yet not without its problems.   It's a book to curl up with on a long winter's day"

Janis Hall

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed, Pruning of the Vine; how triumph can overcome adversity and happiness prevail. It was a very heart warming read!"

Joan Lowbridge

"Pruning of the Vine is a feel-good story that gives you an insight into life in the swinging sixties. It has a good pace and June portrays the characters so well that you feel you know them! A good read."

Linda Kidd

"Well thought out with an easy reading style"

Kindle Customer

"In todays world the relationships described are relevant, and always have been. Although may previously have been thought " that you've made your bed etc etc" The insidious nature of dominance and the undermining of confidence is well portrayed, and something that is better understood and not as readily tolerated today. This was an interesting read with an ending which gave hope for a better future for the character."

Kindle Customer

"I received Pruning of the Vine yesterday and I couldn’t resist it, so I started reading it immediately and fished it this p.m. June, I think you have a best seller! It kept me rooted from beginning to end. Congratulations. I hope it gets the publicity it deserves."

Elsie Thomas

"I agree with Susan Hampshire. Pruning of the Vine is a, page turner! I thoroughly enjoyed it; definitely a woman's book. A "Me Too" with a small m. I enjoyed the insight into the main character's struggle to overcome her unhappy past and her determination to seek a good new beginning.  Written with compassion and empathy"

Petrina Rowey

"In hospital a couple of weeks back, Phyll and the Old Crowd kept me company!  Well done June, I hope you’ve had great feedback from your readers. I did want to get hold of Phyll and give her a bit of a shake from time to time but the 1960’s setting and the fact I was feeling a bit fragile held me back! It was a really good ending!"

Veronica Castello

"I have now finished reading your delightful novel.  Will they? Won’t they?  It kept me guessing to the end.  I really enjoyed it!" 

A Johnson

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed, Pruning of the Vine; how triumph can overcome adversity and happiness prevail. It was a very heart warming read!"

Joan Lowbridge

"Beautifully Written and Absolutely Charming I so enjoyed this book; it was beautifully written, the characters were wonderful and the story of Phyll described in such a unique, charming and sensitive style. I just didn't want it to end."

Sally Oliver

"This book is brilliant: insightful, touching and well written with highly developed characters and excellent storyline. A real page turner; I haven't torn through a book like this in years, and loved every minute of it."

Shelly Scott

"Started Pruning of the Vine"  yesterday, finished it today and enjoying it immensely."

Bob R

Jean Young

I had previously read Unshriven which was a great read and was looking forward to reading Junes latest book Pruning of the Vine - it is a completely different genre and she has certainly captured the mood of the 60’s. It made for an enjoyable easy read.

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