The philosopher Goethe wrote: Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it!”

This could be a quote by Jose Silva, founder of The Silva Method; Working for the betterment of Humankind.

When I, (following an unbelievable link of circumstances that steered me from Saudi Arabia to London) became a graduate of The Silva Method, I had no idea of the mind expanding, life enhancing stage of life I was stepping in to!

Achieving goals just by the power of the focused mind, successes once beyond imagination; instant healing, mended relationships, intuition, life saving, business and a creativity that allowed me to overcome dyslexia and become a writer.

The invitation from Silva is to explore the possibilities of your multi dimensional mind……

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"1663 Unshriven 1963" is a magnificent page turner, leaving you hanging on every mystery it unveils. The book itself is as wondrous and lovely as its author and I honestly found I could not put it down. Set in 1663 and 1963 Kidd writes with such insight that as you trace the stories of the Myers' and June's alter-ego-esque character Stella you can feel the shifting of the time periods and your presence within them as you time travel with the Stella. I would highly recommend this book to those not only interested in the spiritual but those interested in crime, mysteries, romance, witch craft and the unexplained. With writing reminiscent to Miller's The Crucible. June Kidd is certainly a very talented writer."

Sarah Hooper

"I have just read your book, which had me spellbound. What a wonderful writer you are. I know that you have battled dyslexia all your life, and this gives hope to so many people as they see that this condition is no hindrance to creative talent. For those that are skeptical they should read this book, as it not only opens doors to other lifetimes, but it also opens doors in the mind regarding the whole concept of time. Might we expect another book soon? Yes please."

Angela Gail

"June, Finished your book last evening. It was not a fast read, but more thought-provoking, which is good. It is well written and easy to follow, considering the 300 year time changes. I really enjoyed it. It should do well as there seems to be an interest in this type of story right now. You certainly had some wonderful experiences writing it. I will be sending it on to my sister who loves reading anything English. Congratulations and good luck!"

Judy Kitson

"What a wonderful book! I started reading Unshriven at 6-30 p.m and read right through to the early hours of Sunday morning. I was totally caught up in it and could not put it down. You have the knack of drawing the reader in, so it makes one feel like a participant, and the beautifully descriptive atmospheric writing is perfect for the tale that had to be told. I enjoyed the setting, too, for I know that part of the country so well. June, you are a marvel and I find it extremely difficult to visualise you as once being so dyslexic. Surely this book should qualify for the Booker prize? I look forward to your next volume. What hidden depths are there in us all, I wonder?"

Ms. V. Robertson

"A fabulous book! Well done. I hope it will fly on the wings of success. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will do a write-up and post it on ps-magazine asap."

Sahar Huneidi

"Unshriven is more than a novel: it is a wonderful reminder and evidence of the fact that we can tap into knowledge far beyond the capacities of the brain. Unshriven will show you that imagination is not "just imagination," but the mind's most powerful tool to access the collective unconscious, including our racial memory and creative power. Niels Bohr once said about quantum theory that anyone who is not shocked by it, cannot possibly have understood it. Equally, those who read Unshriven and do not find their old materialist paradigm shocked by it, cannot possibly have understood it! A very important contribution."

Viktória G Duda

"This book came to me by way of a chance meeting. I am so glad, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The authors style has a wonderful way of taking you back in time, A story that took the author on a journey of discovery where fiction became a factual account of something that really happened. Spooky. A story about people like you who frequent this page, healers and seers, seekers and sisters. I highly recommend this book ....Loved it!"

Darlene Dean

"It's gone the midnight hour here so haven't got far but have been very absorbed. It may be morning there in the U.K. but I never expected to be falling about with laughter at this time of night! Unshriven is a great read, you must be very proud. Congratulations."

Jacquie Bibby. New Zealand.

"Dear June, I have just finished reading Unshriven and I found it to be a fascinating and intriguing read that left me with all sorts of questions!"

Lyn White

"I have just finished reading your book or should I say 'living it' for I am still in the 17th century! This is an illuminating book; a work of fiction that becomes provable fact! It tells a story of intrigue, spanning timelines and lifetimes. More than a beautiful story, it relates a mission which answered Rachel and Hannah  Myer's call for justice,from 1663. Unshriven should help all who read it; it opens minds and it inspires!"

Karin Barnes. Silva Method Training Instructor

"Unshriven is a fascinating paranormal novel, the contents of which later proves to be historically accurate. This story is about historical, psychic remnance crying out for healing and is wonderful evidence of the unseen realms fusing with earthbound reality."

Josephine Sellers, Author of Parallel Worlds & Director of the Awakening T.V. Channel

"Congratulations on your book! Your novel Unshriven is a real page turner. You are a gifted writer but the part that fascinated me most was your discover that 'fiction' was in fact - fact! Thank you for writing Unshriven and sharing your incredible story."

Diane Turner, New Zealand

"A fabulous book! Well done. I hope it will fly on the wings of success. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will do a write-up and post it on ps-magazine asap."

Sahar Huneidi

Beverley Angel

"Truly astonishing, and a wonderful story, but most astonishing of all is that it is true. I cannot explain how it could be possible... yet there it is. A mind bender! June Kidd is an extraordinary woman with rare talents. so look forward to her second book being published!"

"As a novel, the journey is very interesting and most enjoyable. As a factual account of  a 'happening,' it becomes utterly amazing. A fascinating read of a past time and an injustice awaiting absolution."

Patricia Stevens, Cover artist for Unshriven

"Well done June. I should be working but I'm 'glued' to Unshriven! A really well written story that stands on its own as a story but add in the 'knowledge' that goes along with it and it becomes quite amazing. Unshriven tells the tale without embellishment and this is what made it special for me. It is a refreshingly good read for anyone who has ever said, 'I wonder'."

Janis Hall, Hertfordshire

"I've thoroughly enjoyed reading Unshriven. It has been quite an emotional read for me and I must confess to shedding a tear, as I wasn't aware of how much Mum had been involved. Neither was I aware of how co-operative the owners of the manor houses and the local priest had been in your pursuit of the facts. Having the 'story' before the factual rendition was a wise move and all worked well in the reading. Congratulations! You are right, we do meet people at the right time and  place in history - bizarre though it may seem at times. Good luck with Unshriven and the sequel and I hope you enjoy all it entails."

Philippa Forrest, Shaftesbury (Daughter of Beryl Giles)

"Congratulations! I have just read the back cover and the first 28 pages and had to contact you. The story is quite fascinating and beautifully descriptive."

Mrs. W.Thomas, Shropshire

"Readers of this fascinating book may never be able to see their world in the same way again. The Author's experience of the Da Silva method enabled her to write this story of a troubled soul unable to rest until it receives absolution. Past and present are woven together with descriptive prose which depict scenes and scenery vividly. The book ends with a staggering verification of the story."

Wally Thomas

Paul and Terasa Barker, Dorset.

"Spellbinding we were blown away with it. I love the juxtaposition of ancient and modern and was chilled by the power of the timeslips. Spectacular!"

"I enjoyed this book and love the way June has weaved the two periods in time l recommend it to anyone interested in spiritual matters and to everyone who enjoys a good story"

"The story definitely kept my interest, and I liked the characters enough to care about them. The author managed to shift between time periods smoothly too. Give it a try; you will like it if you love history!"

L. Bembenek

"This book captures the reader immediately, I really enjoyed the journey through time, and especially when the truth becomes entangled with the facts.An amazing story, which I would highly recommend."

"This is one of the most fascinating books I have read in years. The subject matter was gripping you could almost say two novels in one. It had a strong element of credibility all the way through. I would not be surprised if the events in the book had really happened I really enjoyed it"

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