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‘Magic!’ you say. ‘What nonsense, what magic?’ You don’t think this applies to you? Would you like a reminder? O.K. As an example, let’s have some fun and tap in to one memory that you will never have forgotten!

First, whether you are waiting for a train or sitting in an armchair as you read this, mentally slide through your body, noticing and relaxing any tension spots. Mentally zap them and then, taking a few slow breaths, begin to recall a time when you fell totally, utterly, romantically in love! Got it? Good! Let’s not go into consequences or appropriateness, let’s just ‘go with the flow...’ It may have been as a teenager, or during a mid-life crisis; fun, mad, or bad and dangerous, passionate, brief, even unrequited, but for a few delicious minutes, let the memories flow afresh as you relive a time of pure spine-tingling magic…!

I want you to recall and relive the place, the time and the smile that sent your head reeling and melted away the boredom and frustrations of daily life. Intoxicated by the flood of pure happiness, inspired by the exchange of that meaningful glance that conveyed a sort of recognition, each of the other, your step was so light it seemed you were walking an inch above the pavement; at one with the energy of the Divine Universe - the energy of love.

Now, recalling the place, relive the first kiss that passed unspoken messages; magnetically drawn together, the longing to be together - shared thoughts along a single track. You knew who you wanted to be with. You went all out for what you had set your mind on and fate seemed to help; unexpected meetings and amazing coincidences that cleared the path of complications and cleared rooms of people. And fate was indeed involved, because your powerful single-minded focus – the power of your desire that would allow no intervention - had actually activated the Universal Law of Attraction of Like Attracting Like. In Science it is called The Law of Entrainment, as when one fast moving energized object moving through space will attract others to it.

Yes you did it! If magic is about making your dreams come true…

And you were totally energized! You wouldn’t be distracted - whatever was happening around you, let it! You had your life to get on with and you were an unstoppable force. With inspiration flowing through your veins like electricity, limitations were no longer acceptable. The energy of love was all powerful; you had taken your rightful place as a creative force in the Universe, you felt at one with your true essence, creating your own reality. This was how you interpreted life. This was how it was - and it felt right! At times like these, we are at one with the gods!

You had pushed at boundaries and stepped out of what you realized had been a rather grey, monotonous, day after day, routine. (How had you come to accept second best? How and when had you stopped dreaming of widening horizons?)

Something wonderful had happened. You had been given another chance, a reminder of the vital person you could be. The windows of your mind seemed to have been washed clean, the sky was bluer, the colours brighter, you smiled at people and they smiled back as though you had prodded them in to wakefulness - and you had, because you were radiating the positive energy of freedom.

You were inspired, you were powerful and you were happy and the key to this magnificent change was all in the mind! You had simply fallen in love and love, ever-expanding, is the true essence, the most powerful (underused) driving force of Humankind, Spirit and the Universe.

There is no greater force than pure Love. Yes, it was all in the mind but the energy was indeed amazing, wasn’t it? Now 100% alive, the way you had been as a teenager, attractive, confident, invincible, so much drive – at one with the gods! The world was your oyster and the petty problems of life faded into insignificance; let them get on with it - not your concern! Your romance, your happiness was the focus of your attention, and the reality you were living was positive, joyful and exciting. You were truly alive and aware only of - the Moment. And the Moment was Magic.

It is vital that we are aware of the direction of our thoughts. Thoughts govern our emotions. Emotions govern our actions.

Welcome to the magic and power of your mind!


This section was taken from, “Manifesting with Silva. Beyond Imagination.”

Kindle, Kobo and paper back: Lulu. See


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