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For those of you who see evil in the word magic and in stories of Father Christmas or Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling, I suggest you ponder the words of a young boy, speaking on T.V. , in Belsan, 2004.

Rescued, after being held hostage by fundamentalists in his school room in Beslan, he and his class mates were threatened with death by shooting if they dared to move - but this boy had already learned to focus his mind on something wonderful and magical!

“I kept still, very still and thought of Harry Potter and his invisible cloak. I just kept thinking of him and of keeping still and I knew he would come and rescue me.”

The boy’s unwavering belief that good could overcome evil; that he really believed he would be saved because Harry Potter was working for Good, was beyond simple faith. It was the power of a positive attraction and visualisation.

Silva Method teach; Desire, Belief and Expectation! And the greatest, the most powerful of these, is expectation.

If J.K. Rowling does nothing else wonderful in her life, she did her full quota by keeping this little boy’s attention away from terror and switching it on to hope; an attitude of mind that will help him throughout life. A child’s unwavering belief in goodness and the ability to visualise, is powerful indeed!

June Kidd. Silva Ambassador

Extract from: “Rising Dough of Spirit and You, the Human Magnet”


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