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If you think of Fear as a parasite that came to this earth eons of years ago and has been quietly manipulating us and eating us alive from the inside ever since – with our attention on rocketing fuel costs, the health service on its knees, Covid, and now this insane war – it’s feeding time, folks! Fear thrives on a continuous, no restriction, buffet service and all that it requires to keep the menu bang up to date, is your out of control imagination!

The crazy thing is that we think that we are helping those less fortunate by joining them in their misery, but in the ultimate analysis, everything is energy, so your thoughts are energy! What a responsibility! Fortunately, optimistic, positive, happy thoughts are ten times

stronger than negative ones because the emotion of happiness is, by its very nature, ever expanding and thrives in the Light. These are the thoughts you should be sending out to those in need because negative, depressed, gloomy, thoughts become solid, closing down, locking the mind and emotions into ’no hope’ and acceptance of victim status.

So whatever the circumstances, whatever the challenges, how confident you feel, comes down to attitude and strength of mind - so let’s: "Bring Out the Magic in Your Multidimensional Mind" To remind you of a time when you used this enormous power, let's relive it together on:


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