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Science Of Our Lives

Freedom is surely worth all the sacrifices made for it...Ghosts?

As Above So Below

Scientists now tells us that so far, over 20 dimensions have been calculated in this universe alone and that parallel worlds and parallel times are all being investigated by the greatest minds on the planet.

I had a personal experience of this ‘crossing of dimensions’ in France, at a place called Le Touché.

A few years ago in early spring, our boat moving slowly along the almost empty rivers and canals of Brittany; wild irises, kingfishers, herons and clouds of tiny black fish. We came to an unmanned lock at Le Touché, a small pleasure boat already in. I took the rope, climbed the bank and tied it to a bollard and was preparing to let the water in when a Dutch boat came into sight and the owner, after inspecting the space, decided he could squeeze in along side us. ‘I’ll send the wife to take our rope.’

Not long after I looked up and saw her; a tallish, slim, rangy woman, mid- forties, dark hair, nice smile, running along the high tow path toward me. I checked the line and when I turned to look again I saw a girl running along side the woman and because of the likeness, assumed they were mother and daughter. The girl, early teenager, hair tied back, short sleeved blouse, something dark, perhaps trousers but I couldn’t see more because of the high weeds.

‘You need to be Arnold Schwarzenegger to do this job!’ I laughed, curling up my arm and laughing. The girl ducked behind her mother, appeared on the other side and laughing with me, curled her bicep in agreement. Then their boat came in and it was all hand to the pump!

I didn’t see the girl again. We stayed behind (not wanting to move in convoy) and it was two days later when we saw the Dutch boat coming down river. Once tied up beside us I went over to the woman and asked about her daughter.

“What daughter?”

“Well, the girl who ran along the riverbank with you. You looked so alike; I assumed she was your daughter.”

‘No. I have no daughter,’ she said.’

There was no daughter, no one else aboard, no one else at home who fitted the description (my second thought). So I told the woman that whoever and where ever this girl was, I felt that she wanted me to say that she was very happy and that perhaps, giving this message, was the reason for the girl appearing to me. Who knows?

The really interesting aspect is this: I saw the girl and she saw me. We actually related to each other. I saw her as clearly as I saw her mother. Now I have to ask myself, how many other people have we see, that aren’t in our current time frame, in this dimension?

A friend suggested that perhaps the energy that separates us sometimes thins in places, and we can see through it.

I do not and never have and never will actively sort this channeling of information but when it is spontaneous, I will pass on the information as long as it is positive. Sometimes one gets the feeling of something/someone unseen in an old place, a battle field or an airfield for instance. In such cases I always mentally tell whoever is there the current date and suggest they move on to join their loved ones. It can do no harm and might just do a great kindness to any entity still held in a time warp.

Science and metaphysics are coming closer together...

There are 100 billion galaxies in our universe and 100 billion stars in this galaxy alone, millions of them capable of carrying a life form, even if it is only bacteria.

Faced with facts like these, can we really hang on to the belief that we are the only lump of rock with life aboard?

Will we ever voyage out there? Space travel as we know it would take forever and we haven’t managed the ‘Star Trek technique of, “Beam me up Scotty,’” – yet! However, without be really aware of it, we do travel back in time quite frequently. Merely by remembering an aspect of our past that was, for whatever reason, memorable and imprinted firmly on the mind and emotional body, we can relive; time, sensations, emotions, colours, sounds and particularly the exchange of words. Doing this, recalling perhaps a joy that touched the spirit or tragedy that felt like a crucifixion, we are in our very primitive way, already time-travelling. Think of a place where you once lived and allow yourself to relive some episode there, allow the senses to recall: Feel it, smell it, touch it, just close your eyes - and you are there, emotionally at the very least. A primitive example? Yes, but everything begins with a thought– a teasing possibility.

Albert Einstein said: Unless at first an idea seems absurd – then there is no hope for it.

Perhaps, with the thought, we already have one foot on the ladder of universal encounters of a wondrous kind...

So stretch your mind and consider again that:

If we believe in life after this one, then what about life before we came here, lived/played out here on this earth or somewhere else, in another dimension or another planet? Perhaps ‘guidance’ could come from there, possibly based on our experiences in that past life time and now channelled through the memory of our Higher Self, or Guardian Angel…!

Perhaps, just perhaps that once we accept that we have had a ’past,’ that this will be the key to our acceptance, understanding of space/dimension, travel of our futures.

Perhaps all we have to do it open our minds and learned (or remember) the technique...!



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