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We use only 2% of our brain's capacity, according to researchers at Stanford University.

The Silva mind-control method is a scientifically based, simple, practical, discreet, easy to learn tool-set which enables us to use our MINDS significantly more, so that we can solve our problems more effectively and ultimately to become healthier and happier.

The aim of the Silva Method course is to enrich the planet by empowering the individual because we are all co-creators of the quality of life on this planet.

The Silva Method holds the secret of unlocking the powers of your mind.

Our ultimate goal in life is to to be successful, fulfilled and actualized in every way. To live life happy and to thrive! Yet, to do that requires every single part of your being to be healthy in

every way. Holistic wellbeing is something a person can achieve by developing all health-related components of his/her lifestyle. This…is the focus of Silva Mind Body Healing 2.0 >>

According to the World Health Organization, “Health is the state of complete physical, mental, emotional and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” It is a resource for everyday life, not simply the objective of living.

Total health and healing requires a bridge between our body and mind, mind and soul, inner and external world, and our physical life and spiritual life. Pandit Rajami Tigunait Ph.D. “We must hold dual citizenship in two worlds.”

In Silva Mind Body Healing 2.0, you will learn how to build a strong bridge that allows you to move seamlessly between both dimensions, strengthen your inner and outer being and enjoy true and lasting health. Let’s face it, with today’s high cost in healthcare, we simply cannot afford to get sick. We must learn to remain healthy from this day forward!

In addition, you will learn how to utilize your energy field to assist not only your healing but also your loved ones. All humans feel a need or impulse to help those in need. What is lacking is the knowledge of how to achieve it. In Silva Mind Body Healing, you will learn how to help others and you will never again stand helpless next to a loved one in need.

Take Silva training and learn, practice and apply an array of mental healing tools and techniques that will make a difference to your health and the health of those you love.

A better world needs a better you!



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